Queensland Flood Impact

The floods (and other natural disasters) are typically heavily covered by the various media channels, some more for PR it seems, and rubberneck interest than a genuine approach to news reporting (and they come up with such lame attempts to create catch-phrases “Salvation Saturday” “Moving-on Monday”).

However, with this flood being in Brisbane (and across the Qld state), it has been very close to home for many.  Aaron from Torque Workcentres sent these photos through while they were helping with the cleanup.  And it isn’t just houses and businesses being destroyed.  Sheds have as well.

There is a lot that has been destroyed, but some things are just caked in mud – sad to see what is being lost.  Imagine the handtools, the timber, the projects, and in this case, the perfectly good Triton 2000 Workcentre that has become a victim.  However, if you imagine the extent of the problem, a Triton on its own could be cleaned, but when it is just one item as part of an entire houseload, trying to determine what can and can’t be saved costs time too valuable to waste.  Sad though.

A good Triton router table, and a destroyed router and thicknesser.

And this is just one house and shed, one family’s personal disaster, to be multiplied by the thousands and thousands across the Queensland State, and now the State of Victoria as well is being hit by floods.

To give a perspective of the scale we are talking about here: the flood in Queensland covered an area larger than the size of France and Germany combined.  Completely mindnumbing stuff, especially when you add in the human factor.

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  1. Such a waste, must break their hearts.

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