The Purpose

Their workshop is becoming overrun with large machines, and as much as they are all good machines (old in many cases, as the best ones are), there just isn’t the room for 2, 3 even 4 machines that all perform the same function.

So the deal is this – they are placing the items here first, Stu’s Shed readers get first crack, and only if they are not snapped up, will they make their way to eBay.

You can either make an offer in the comments, or email it in to me directly (and I’ll post the dollar amount, but keep the bidder anonymous).  Once a reasonable period has passed, I’ll check whether the offer on each tool has gotten across the line.  Personally, I don’t think they are looking to make a killing out of this – they want these tools to go, and get some cash that they can get some new stuff for their workshop.  I can’t think of what a reasonable price for each item will be – see what you can come up with!

There is one more thing – you do need to be able to remove the tool from the workshop, and being heavy cast iron this is not going to simply be a matter of turning up with a ute and throwing it in the back.  But the tool for the price will be worth a bit of effort.

Tool 1: First up is a 12″ thicknesser, (like all the tools, single phase) with a rise and fall table and the induction motor located below the table.

Tool 2: Easy one, doesn’t even need a truck to take it away.  A 3-jaw, self centering lathe chuck.  Even comes with a free lathe (sans motor).  About 6″ diameter (hard to tell from the photo).

Tool 3: A 14″ bandsaw, cast iron like the rest, needs a good clean like the rest but otherwise good to go.

Tool 4: Never come across one of these, but it is like a Triton from the 50s. It’s a tablesaw, a bit of a lathe, a shaper, and a drill press (the entire thing rotates on one end to stand up).  Comes with the original manual and associated documentation.

Tool 5: a 6″ jointer.  The fence adjustment is excellent – a rack and pinion – shame more modern ones done come with this feature!

Tool 6: Something modern: a brand new, unused Rockwell combo planer/thicknesser.

Tool 7: Bit of a monster of a rip saw.  Looks to be a 12″ blade.

Tool 8: The pièce de résistance. A 12″ Woodfast tablesaw.  The fence has seen better days, but otherwise it is a solid tablesaw the likes of which just don’t get made anymore.  It has a 6″ jointer on one side, and a mortiser on the other.

So don’t be put off by the current state of these tools – these are working machines that just need a bit of TLC to get them looking like new.

Back when these machines were new, they’d have been worth a king’s ransom, and at the end of the day, a saw is a saw, a jointer a jointer.  Made solid (and other than the Rockwell), weight or material thickness was never a consideration with these machines!  So put in a bid, and you’d be surprised what you could get one of these machines for.  I really don’t want to have to resort to eBay.

Imagine a workshop fitted out with all these, all cleaned up, ready for a hard day’s work!

Shop Visit with a Purpose

Headed down to see a workshop at a retirement village a day or so ago, had a good look around and chat, and a look at some of their tools.  Big tools, lots of cast iron (drool).

They have an impressive dust extraction system, and a reasonable amount of space as well (the hidden tool) around each tool as well.


If I ever get to a retirement village myself, it is going to need to have a good workshop!

There were a few tools in there that I either hadn’t seen before, or had some features I hadn’t come across.  One was this drill press, with an interesting belt arrangement, and an impressive plunge range.

However, the other purpose for visiting was to look at a number of machines they are looking to find new homes for, and that is the subject of the next post – and it is definitely one of interest!

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