A Plan

Came up with the way to use the cabinet today, and the more I thought about it, the more enthusiastic I got, so must be on the right track.

Cabinet Commissioned

Along with the plan I’ve had for ages of using the two side cabinets for tool display/storage, with the displacement of the Tormek sharpener due to the air con unit, the TV cavity looked perfect to be the new sharpening station.

Sharpening Station

With the machine in the foreground, the various jigs attached to the back wall, and the spare grinding wheels stored overhead, in the cavity originally for a DVD player (along with the drill bit sharpening jig).  I will probably have to rout a bit of a water channel – there is always some spillage with these machines, no matter how well designed they are: adding and removing the water tray often results in some slop!  Perhaps the tray needs an after-market tap (small brass one) added to help drain it enough to make removal easier…….

More Sharpening

Speaking of sharpening, the right display cabinet has my other sharpening tools – the Veritas Mk2, Alisam sled, Japanese water stones and DMT diamond stones.

The next shelf has markout tools – primarily the Incra rules, and the third shelf more miscellaneous tools.


The cabinet on the other side has my chisels, HNT wood planes and various other fine setout and carving tools.

Even the DVD player cavity under the sharpening station didn’t go to waste, now storing the granite tools.

Still plenty of things to find new homes for – the tablesaw blades etc.

The power tools found one, along with the other power tools under the Torque Workcentre.

Power tool store

Getting organised. Slowly

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