What was old is new again

The ‘old’ entertainment unit I made some years ago (doesn’t seem that long ago, but predates the current shed, predates my upgrade from Triton, predates Stu’s Shed and importantly, predates our plasma TV), has finally been reunited with the rest of its components, namely the two display cabinets that were on either side of it.

Its new home is the shed, and has become (and is becoming) the new tool store.  The cabinet that I got from the collapse of the Melbourne Triton club a couple of years back did not enjoy the weight of tools etc I was expecting it to store, and when it comes down to it, I had to choose between that MDF cabinet, or my old entertainment unit.  The entertainment unit won easily.

New Tool Store

The cavity that used to be for the CRT TV will have some new shelving added (what is in there at the moment is just some stuff that needed a temporary home), and I have to decide whether to display my HNT planes, or keep them in their original brown cardboard boxes.  I’m definitely of two minds on that score.

I don’t like having to store stuff on top of the unit, but space really is at a premium.  I’d like it to be where some previous work is displayed, even perhaps some stored behind the glass doors but then where would the equipment that is currently in there go?  The middle section is currently covered in power tools (many a familiar orange).

I feel another eBay sale coming on!

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