Hot Enough for Ya?

In winter, the shed can get so cold that it really isn’t a fun place to work – not necessarily cold enough in Oz to justify serious heating options (unlike many sheds in the US).  I still have a little pot-belly that I have yet to install (needs a chimney, and somewhere to put it!), but even then, lighting it is only possible on days when you know you’ll be out there for some serious time for obvious reasons.

In summer, we do deal with some significant temperatures – I have had the shed as hot as 40 – 45C, and again, that just isn’t fun to the point that if the day is hot, even if you have a free pass the opportunity to get out there is lost.

So, to the envy of many I am sure, a friend moved house over the weekend, and in storage, unused was a brand new portable refrigerated air conditioner unit, which now graces my workshop.

Cool Enough for Ya?

The added benefit of the refrigerated unit that it can also be used as a dehumidifier.  But what I really care about is the possibility of being able to make use of the shed on a hot summer day.

2 Responses

  1. Just insulate it Stu!

    My mrs said my workshop felt like it was air conditioned when she walked in 🙂

  2. He is right Stu, I just finished my new shed last month and i put that anticon stuff under the roof sheets (sarking with 50mm yellow insulation) and two wirly birds, Its cooler in there than my house! but i do like your machine though getting the humidity out with reduce rusting you tools and swelling timber etc. what a score!

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