Had a chance to get out to the shed for a bit, although well after dark when I did (and thus too late to make noise).  However, that is a perfect excuse to either do some cleaning up, or sharpening.  Tonight, I decided to do the latter, and time was up for any blunt drill bits.

I was using the Tormek DBS22, creating a primary and secondary bevel that meets at a point.


I started working from the largest size (13mm) down.  Wasn’t sure how far I’d get – the first row (about 6) as it happens.  I did the first couple on the standard wheel, but it was becoming clogged.  I could have redressed it, but instead decided to install the Blackstone Silicon wheel, and see how it went instead.

The wheel was installed, then dressed, and already could tell it is significantly harder than the original stone.  Cuts about as fine though, so may remain my primary wheel from now on.

Blackstone Silicon

The Blackstone Silicon wheel cut very quickly, and made light work of the job at hand.

Just two more rows of drill bits to go!

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