Ballarat Timber

From recent posts, you have probably been determined that I made a trip to Ballarat for a bit of a break.  Unfortunately with the way the world is, I couldn’t announce the trip to make arrangements to catch up with any readers up there, so my apologies if I missed seeing anyone local. (I wanted to ensure I still had a shed to come home to!!)  Even so, at one point there was (as a friend let us know) a car parked across the street with a couple of people just sitting in it, who when approached made some story about needing jumper leads, but as soon as our friend went to feed the cats inside, the car was started and drove off very quickly.  Their number plate had been taken, and this was passed to the police who agreed it was all very suspicious, but weren’t interested as they hadn’t actually done anything. (To Serve and Protect? – protection needs a degree of proactivity).  Anyway, we got home safe, and the shed is still there, calling me!

I did get a chance to drop in on Terry Fogarty, of “Timber Cabinets (“.  Terry took the Festool courses at Ideal Tools (these courses used to run in Williamstown, but I expect could still be arranged if there was a group who got together and had a location for the course, Terry could come to you), including the Hall Table course and the Domino course I did a couple of years back.

He has moved back to Ballarat, continuing his custom timber furniture business.  I had a chance to look around his workshop (significantly shrunk from the small factory site he had in Melbourne).

He had a new website as well, which has plenty of photos of his various creations.

A real shed!

If the shed looks like it has a bit of a lean, it is NOT the camera!  The floor has a real curve to it as well – must be to make sweeping easier – it all gathering in the edges 😉  But it isn’t the state of the workshop that counts, it is what you do with it.  The TV was playing the cricket in the background, but given how bad it was going for Australia, the sound was off.  Bad enough just seeing how bad they were playing!

The Workshop

Outside is the timber store (for want of a better description)

Wood Store

In the foreground you can see the start of the latest table project – going to look stunning when it is finished.  That central strip is a superb feature.

So check out Terry’s website, and see just what can be done in a workshop.  If you are looking for a custom build (or a course on making furniture yourself), give him a call.

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