Group Purchase

I recently made mention of the parity of the Australian and US dollars, making it an excellent time to purchase items from the US that are not otherwise available down under (although I don’t think my intention of that article came across as I meant: not to undermine existing importers, but as an opportunity to obtain otherwise unavailable (and unaffordable when the exchange rate is against us) items, such as the Kerfmaker from Bridge City Tool Works. To that end, and because of the high delivery cost, I was wondering if anyone in Australia would be interested in a bulk order of products (say the Kerfmaker and Tenonmaker) from Bridge City so that we could have a combined saving on the delivery cost (and possibly a discount on the products for a bulk order: no idea yet, but I have asked the question of Bridge City)? The order would be placed pretty soon (by the end of the month at the latest), so let me know if this is of interest to anyone by commenting on this article. If there was any other products (either from the Bridge City range), or another company that isn’t otherwise available in Australia, let me know that too, and we’ll see if there is any interest in that as well. (Another one that comes to mind is the vices of BenchCrafted)

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