Supercheap Incra?!

Not sure how he did it, but Lazy Larry managed to pick up a new Incra 17″ LS Positioner, including a metric upgrade from Carbatec Brisbane for all of $260.

Some pretty amazing bargains out there sometimes – guess it is a matter of keeping one’s eyes peeled! Bet Larry will get a lot out of this one!

6 Responses

  1. can i have a copy of his receipt so i can take to melb store for them to match????

  2. To confirm that… I got it at their clearance sale last month… they were getting rid of all the well as a heap of other items at bargain prices..
    BTW mine was already converted to metric… and I got the conversion as well… so if any one out there needs a metric conversion for the LS 17 positioner let me know.

  3. Adelaide CT also have one as a run out special on their site ….. $439. Not quite as good as $260!

  4. Carbatec clearance lines pricing are set at each store by the respective store manager. If Adelaide still have that one in stock, you may see it drop in price the longer they have it.

    Some inside info I was privy to in relation to the Incra clearances was that Maxis Tools (the Australian Kreg and Incra importer that Carbatec buy from) will no longer be bringing in the 17″ and 32″ positioners. So no more small router positioners and tablesaw systems at Carbatec once current stock has sold through!

  5. Incra have some great specials I found it cheaper to buy direct .

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