Beyond Parity

The Australian dollar is holding above the US, which makes it an excellent time for buying imported products (including buying directly over the internet).

Oh the temptation!

It may seem strange being excited that the Australian dollar is a whole 1c above the US dollar, but when you consider it can be (and has) as low as 65c for each $A1, that effectively means there is currently as much as a 36% discount on the entire country, and especially their supply of woodworking tools 🙂

So if you bought a KerfMaster in February 2009, it would have cost you $A111 (plus postage).  Today it will cost $A71.

2 Responses

  1. Hi Stuart,

    Just looking at the MortisePal Jig in the US and Australia. Australia = Morise Pal Jig $299 + post. 2 Router Bits @ $87

    Say A$473 + $20 freight.

    US = Mortise Pal Jig $199 + freight
    2 Router Bits @ $48

    Say (at parity) $295 + $55 freight

    Buying direct saves $143 = 29%

    I can’t see any reason to pay the extra, when local dealers don’t carry full range

    Might even look at the new Triton Router from the UK as well.

    Have a great New Year,


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