Stu’s Darkroom (the delay)

10 months ago, I took what was meant to be a small break from the Stu’s Darkroom site as I headed over to Denver, Colorado

Sadly, what was intended to be a week delay turned into something else – 2010 has been insane.  Time to get this thing jump started again and get some old, and new (photographic) content out there again.

The trip to Denver was an eye opener, although that had already well and truly started anyway before I left.  The end result occurred very shortly after returning, I left an unsatisfactory job situation, and moved to something altogether different.  Perhaps more in keeping with my primary skills, or at least some of them, and work again where I could again experience some respect, and was valued for what I bought to the job.

2010 has not necessarily been a bad year, but it sure has been hard work in all respects.  So looking forward to hopefully a more normal 2011.  And a reinvigorated Stu’s Darkroom (and Stu’s Shed).


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