Dremel Flex Drive

During a bit of an end-of-year shed cleanup, I noticed the Dremel hanging on the mounting hook ready for the flex drive to be connected to it, and to the Beall Pen Wizard. I needed to shorten the Foredom holder so the Dremel Flex Drive head could extend far enough through to be usable.

It wasn’t hard.  I ended up using the bandsaw, then a quick sand to square it up on the disk sander.  The extra holes I had already tapped for the bolts to properly support the Flex head.

Mounting Flex Drive

So another job ticked off.  Will be interesting to see if this makes any real impact on using the Pen Wizard – taking the top-heavy weight of the Dremel off the Wizard.

So back to cleaning the shed.  The main problem is that never-ending adversary – a lack of space.  So many things don’t have a proper home, they get left in inconvenient locations, such as the middle of the floor, or the middle of the workbench because there is nowhere better for them to reside.  Time for another cleanout I think!

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