…and a free set of steak knives!

You know the line, used in infomercials without number to try to get the vulnerable buyer across the line of the sale. But sometimes the steak knives are the sale, not some throwaway added bonus.

Had a nice lunch with Grahame and Michael from Professional Woodworkers Supplies today, and got an early Xmas present – a set of steak knives.  What makes these different is they are not finished – they are high quality, polished stainless steel, and have a particularly sharp edge, but the choice of handle is yours to choose, and make.  The kit is not yet available in Australia, but if you are interested, definitely contact Professional Woodworkers Supplies and let them know, so they know that it is worth adding these to their product range.

Steak Knives

They have good heft, so the handle will need some weight, and also a timber with good figure.

The blades are Sarge, a well respected US knife brand.

It will be an interesting project.

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