The Outdoors

With the holidays upon us, we are able to refocus on improvements around the place.  There has been some early progress made, furnishings inside, the pool outside, and some progress on painting. Of course all this comes at the expense of shed-time 😦

Today we started tackling the deck, getting a source of some decent outdoor furniture.

One corner of the deck will have a corner seating unit, and in front of that, an 8 seater dining set.

The dining table set is interesting in that the 4 footstools/low seats fit underneath the 4 main seats, which then slot into the table producing a cube of sorts that can then have a cover thrown over the top.  (The colours of the sets we’ve chosen all match fwiw – not the smorgasbord you see here)

Finally, a couple of sun lounges with a small coffee table.

Not a lot of timber (0%) in any of that, but as much as I thought I’d like to make a sunbed, there is having the plan to do so, and having the item.  I guess it is a matter of “one day”, but there are too many projects out there and too little time.

We’re also in the process of adding cafe blinds (the clear plastic ones) all around the deck and lower area.  A local supplier had a bunch on special that cost around $75 for a 3000×2400 blind.  The store next door to them sold the same thing for $1000.  So for the cost of 1.5 blinds from them, we got enough for the entire large deck, and pergola.  I was looking at what will be involved in fitting them, and it should be reasonably straightforward.

Back to woodworking for a sec, I got a copy of Cool Tools recently sent directly from the producers, but unfortunately it turned out to be the wrong episode with a large focus on the Walko workbench. Waiting for another being sent from the USA (Denver) to finally get to see what the show ended up looking like.

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