Festool in the Mailbox

Nothing beats coming home to find the mailman has turned up with some Festool!  In this case, it was an upgrade accessory for the dust extractor, but who’s complaining.

As you may know, I have the CT36 Cleantex Extractor from Ideal Tools.  One of the benefits of this extractor is that it has onboard power for your tools, and it is auto-start – so when you turn on the tool, the extractor starts (then stops automatically when you are finished).

I decided it would also be handy to have a second socket beside the first that provides continuous power.  Yes, I could just plug into a wall GPO, but that isn’t always as convenient as having power right there on the extractor, so now I have the best of both worlds.

There is also an optional autostarting socket that is for compressed air, if you have a collection of air-powered tools that need dust extraction.

Back to my green-steam powered tools – I had a real toss-up between getting a second socket that also auto-started, or one that was more of a repeat of a standard GPO.  In the end I went with Anthony’s suggestion (from Ideal Tools) to go with a continuous current socket, as I can always add a powerboard to the autostart socket to get multiple tools working (one at a time!), so this gives me both options.  You wouldn’t want to do this in a workshop with multiple people sharing the tools – there is every possibility of two people trying to draw power from sockets on the extractor at the same time, exceeding the supply from the Cleantex.

Now I just have to find a powerboard in Festool colours 🙂

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