Dremel Router

I can’t help it: when decent tools have optional accessories, I can’t resist also trying them out on the hope/expectation that they will live up to the quality of the parent product.

In this case, the idea of being able to take the Dremel and turn it into a mini-router is quite appealing.

Dremel Router Stand

It is pretty cool – the plunge springs are a bit strong, but otherwise it has an interesting collection of features and accessories.  Fence, circle cutting attachment, a couple of template guides, quick-adjustment plunge-stop, and a simple attachment method for the Dremel.

Perhaps the multi-functionality is what really appeals (and lots of small cutters, grinders, etc), so perhaps is also what caught my eye with Triton, Torque Workcentres, and now Dremel.

Next will be checking out the drill press attachment- also looks very interesting/functional.

Dremel Drillpress

4 Responses

  1. Hi Stu, the Dremel drill-press attachment is is a trusty tool addition to Dremel’s multi tool range. I have had one for years.Not quite so sophisticated as the new one ,but reliable and accurate.I gave it plenty of use in the spectacle making business. keep up the good work!

  2. The plunge router attachment and the “router table” attachment, which you don’t mention, have great potential. They also present a couple of problems.

    The plunge router attachment requires far more oomph in tightening up the fence screws than I first thought. (I mean, it’s not a Hitachi TR12!) It’s easy for the fence to slip, leading to wobble and drift.

    The “table” also has a problem (or at least mine did): the top surface of mine had quite a crown on it. Easily fixed (at the cost of some cutting depth) by adding a frame with a flat plate, but still something to watch out for.

    – Michael

  3. Hey! great site you have! Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

  4. I just bought my first Dremel, promising myself at the time that I wasn’t going to go crazy with attachments. I guess I’m going to be breaking that promise! Sigh….

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