Carbide Cutters

In preparation for a serious attempt with the Beall Pen Wizard, I had a close look at what cutter profiles were available.  I was particularly interested in some form of side-mill (traditional straight cutter if it was a router bit), 1/2 round, laser bit.  Went through a number of cutters, and they looked ok, but nothing particularly impressive, or what I was particularly looking for.  Until I got to the second cabinet, and there they were – solid tungsten carbide bits.

I know carbide isn’t as sharp as tool steel, but the edge is significantly more durable.  Still, I was surprised to read that these were designed for metal.  They will work well in timber (and acrylic).  There was even a laser bit which was exactly what I wanted – one that comes to a sharp point with minimal radius at the tip.

Picked up 6 different bits initially – I’ll have to check what other profiles are available.

TC Bits

This is the base of the Flex-Drive stand – quite convenient for your regularly-used bits.  Only problem I discovered is the holes for the bits go all the way through, so you can’t have holes in the table (such as with the Walko!).  So I’ve put a piece of plastic underneath to stop the bits falling through to the floor if I happen to use the wrong storage hole.  Has a convenient location for the spanner as well.

The other thing I wanted to try, was to see if the Flex-Drive could be made to fit the Foredom holder that came with the Pen Wizard.  The Foredom handle is straight, with a moderate diameter making it an easy fit, whereas the Dremel is a tapered, design, oval in cross section and all up designed for the hand, not for fitting in a tool (fair enough!)

However, by tapping some extra holes in the Foredom holder for some additional bolts, I found I was able to secure the Dremel very easily.

Tapping Threads

Now I found that the Dremel Flex Drive didn’t protrude through the holder far enough to be able to work, but that is actually going to be a simple fix – I just need to cut the holder shorter, with the amount I remove being equal to the additional amount of protrusion that will be achieved.

Concept Check

The whole reason for this is to be able to mount the Dremel on a hook, and just have the Flex Drive connected to the Pen Wizard.

Mock Setup

Still a bit of a work-in-progress, will be interesting to see if I can get it to work out, and that it ends up a better solution that having the Dremel direct-mounted.  Each bolt is only finger-tight, so removal of the drive is not difficult, although I have also ensured that the drive lock is always exposed so you don’t need to remove the handle to make bit-changes.

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