Summer Down Under

With recent rains, the pool certainly topped up quickly. In hindsight, finishing off the job by pumping the rainwater that had collected in the spa pool was not the best move: trying to conserve water in a desert country sometimes is more work than it’s worth. However despite the distinct green tinge that the pool went…….

It was still very popular for its first use!

Getting the water down was achieved easily using a mains-pressure pump I have. Now I’m not sure if the sudden appearance of mosquito lavae in the pool was from being pumped down from the mossie-breeding pond that our spa had become, or because they were stirred up from the depths of the pool (I suspect the former : hindsight is 20/20!) However, a quick chlorine shock, and within 15 minutes the pool was already coming right. Wonder how the mossies like chlorine?

Looks like it is going to be a fun summer! Total outlay, $450 including a pool cleaning kit, and the boat, and $50 worth of pool chemicals. Water, free (sky-provided). That is for a 15′ pool- 12400 litres.


I can guarantee that neither the designers from Intex, or the Chinese manufacturers have EVER tried to put the cover on their pool when there was water in it.

Having a top with holes in it (safety presumably), but a top that also isn’t actually able to float makes for a near impossible situation.  Unless you have a cast of 100s.  First tried simply putting the cover on, but quickly found it sinking, with a tonne or more of water on top of it.  Tried using 4 Quick Grip clamp to help….but that didn’t.  Tried 8(!) Quick Grips, but still a fail.  Finally used the boat and held up the centre to try to keep the cover from sinking.

I finally got there, but something in the design is pretty crap.

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