If you happen to be a fortunate owner of the original Triton 2400W Circular Saw (TSA001), and anyone with the 2400W Triton Router (TRA001), Carbatec Melbourne has acquired a bunch of the original brushes for these tools (didn’t realise, but they are interchangeable which is also worth knowing).

The TSA001 is the original Triton saw – the one that was out for years before the disaster of the GMC takeover (and subsequent collapse) (which also resulted (the GMC takeover part) in the replacement of this saw with a Chinese version – it may have had some magnesium components as a marketing ploy to ‘save weight’, but the subsequently heavier Chinese motor meant the net weight saving was effectively zero.)

Original Triton Saw

Original (& current (with upgrades)) Triton Router

So good news for those lucky enough to own the kick-ass TSA001!

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