Beginnings and Endings

Not more than a stone’s throw from my home (less than 1km as the crow flies), a new sign is up, proclaiming that to be the location of a brand new Lowes store

seemingly more of a Mitre 10 than a Bunnings, but if it has a good collection of home improvement supplies (and please, please a decent tool shop!), then I would have even less motivation to head down to the nearest Bunnings.

Looking at their US store, and they have things like a Dremel for $30, Bench Cookies for $7, and Rockwell Jawhorses, and all the accessories! – will we finally get to see the premium model arriving on Australian shores?  Am I getting my hopes up too early?  Can my wallet survive such a conveniently located hardware store (or at least the modern equivalent)?

I guess they finally tracked me down – Bunnings tried with reasonably placed stores dotted around, but never hit so close to the mark!

But while talking of beginnings, there is also an ending.  The Canberra franchise of Carbatec is no more.

It is worth making that distinction, because this has no impact on the primary Carbatec stores.  (Or the other remaining franchise stores) In fact, the head office of Carbatec is working hard to ensure the customers impacted by the Canberra closing are being supported.  I don’t believe they are legally obliged to do so, but on the other side of the coin it is the Carbatec brand that would be tarnished if they didn’t.

Sadly, like it happens time and again, customers are the last to find out, buying things from the store (paying for in anticipation of delivery), and the store is more than happy to take their money without any intent to supply the goods, knowing they are folding.   However, I am pleased to see that Carbatec are supporting these customers, by delivering the goods that have been bought, even without having received any money from Canberra.  Good on em.

If you are one of the customers of the now ex-Canberra store, contact Carbatec Brisbane for assistance.

FWIW, this information was obtained directly from a customer so affected, who wondered why their new tablesaw they had paid for had taken 3 months to arrive to date.  Turning up at the store only to find a sign on the door “Closed until further notice”.

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