Torque Workcentre’s New Website

The new website for Torque Workcentres has just gone live, and their new introductory video is definitely worth watching, if only to see the new chainsaw slabbing attachment in action!  And the new version of the saw mount, which now rotates between crosscut and rip mode, providing a much better balance for the circular saw when ripping.

It is a very slick looking site, still with some development to come I would imagine – it still needs a section listing the ever-increasing list of tool attachment jigs for example, but I’m sure that will come.

In the meantime, have a look around a mature looking website – very stylish.  Fitting too, as the machine itself is maturing very quickly with all the little tweaks and upgrades.

Some screenshots from the video:

These are stills – seeing it in action is worthwhile.  (Puts my pathetic chainsaw to shame)

Finally being able to utilise fallen timbers is worth gold.

Swinging between crosscut and rip

I can also really start to see the benefit of the extension table.  Nice too, to see some of my ideas are now part of the standard machine.  Benefit of a local (Australian) manufacturer.

Sanding Attachment for Router

And the new sanding disk for the router makes its debut.  I’d imagine it has to be used at the minimum speed for a variable speed router.  Hate to think what the tip speed would be if the router was run at maximum speed!

So this is a bit of a look at the new Torque Workcentre site.  The timing is not bad either, considering the TWC (and Stu’s Shed) make their debut on the DIY Network show “Cool Tools” with Chris Grundy this weekend (in the US)  Not sure when it comes out in Australia, but we’ll keep looking!

8 Responses

  1. be good to get one of those swing thingys looks like it balances the saw in rip mode nicely

  2. Hi Stu- thanks for the feedback and shout out.

    We have lots more to add to the Torque site in the near future so definitely ‘watch this space’.

  3. stu ,just dropping you a line to let you know that the new episode of cool tools featuring you introducing the torque workcentre to the american public aired today on diy network you did agreat job and and i know that isn’t a easy job with grundy joking around with you. also your site is great keep it up.

    • Awesome! Did they mention the Stu’s Shed website / provide the URL? (And Stusshed, not some misspelt version?)

      Not easy with such a large personality as Grundy – funny guy, and is certainly the centre of any room he walks into.
      Hopefully I came across more Cool than Tool, but no doubt it was the other way around!

  4. first of all i am freeked out as the previous posts were sent tomorrow ( only joking , i understand the time difference).
    is there any way for us in the EU mainly ireland to see the show.
    why o why cant we have a distributer in the uk

    • Gidday Alan,

      You and me both! Do you want to know what tomorrow’s weather is? Better yet – lotto results!

      If you do want one of these workcentres in the UK/Ireland, get in contact with Torque themselves, tell em you saw it on my site to get a bit of a deal and they’ll send one over. Shipping isn’t bad to the US, so curious how much it would be to the EU.

      Why not become the UK dealer? (Hint hint!)

  5. This is for Alan and any other readers from that part of the world… shipping is around the EU650.00 mark.. varies with size of machine and accessories..

  6. Starting to wonder if the Cool Tools TV article provided the StusShed URL, seeing as I have seen 0% increase in traffic resulting – at least if there has been any at all, it has been completely absorbed into the normal variation of the day.

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