Repurposing the Repurposed Stormwater System back to its Original Purpose

One hidden benefit of using stormwater pipes for your dust extraction system is that you can reuse it for other tasks, such as stormwater!

With the upgrade of the dust system recently, I have a bit of left-over stormwater pipes. Now with the acquisition of a new pool for the little one (well that is my excuse, and I’m sticking to it!), I need to fill it.  Under the current water restriction relaxation, I could apply for a permit to use mains water.  Or buy a load (costing anywhere between $250 and $600 depending on your supplier).

Or I could just use rainwater.

So by diverting some of the downpipes to the pool, I’m hoping to make a bit of a splash 🙂  With the reported weather for tonight, and the next few days I had some motivation to rig up the temporary run.  Unfortunately, looking at the rain map it managed to miss us altogether….at least this time.

Disconnected the original downpipe – this one collects from the 1/4 the main roof, and 1/2 the 9m carport – a fair amount of water passes through this junction.

With a bit of license, some duct tape, and some flexible dust extraction hose, and a couple of ladders as supports, I was able to get the downpipe to the edge of the pool….just.

So here’s hoping for a downpour! Rather keen to see if it will work (and more importantly, if my joints will hold!

And in the background, I have the pallet tank taking a feed from the shed roof too.

Update: We have finally been receiving a little rain – hardly classifies as rain – you’d have to run around to get wet, yet after about 90 minutes or so there is already 6″ in the pool.  Very cool 🙂

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