Dusty Acquisitions

After all the heavy duty shed dust extraction upgrades, I picked up a couple of smaller offerings today that will make it easier to clean up out there.

They are both new offerings from Carbatec, the first is brand new – just arrived.

2 1/2" Hold Tite Hose Kit

This kit is simple, and lightweight, consisting of a couple of different nozzles, and an accordion hose that holds its shape as set.  So it can be coiled around the machine to place the nozzle just where you want it.  Simple, and reasonably priced.  I’m thinking the drill press would definitely benefit, and the lathe in my case.

The other item I got will help when all else fails: a dust wand.

Dust Wand

It is the way to finish off the extraction system, with the ability to ‘sweep’ the floor without having to bend or crawl around the shed floor.

The kit comes with a couple of nozzles.  The one shown here with the full-length clear plastic duct, and a second specifically for cleaning around the tools.

Tool Top Cleaner

I am yet to try it out, but took the Roving Reporter’s recommendation that it worked as well as it looked.

Both are currently on special for Carbatec’s end-of-year sale.

2 Responses

  1. Looks good Stu.
    I’ve recently upgraded to the Carbatec 2hp Trady Dusty, and are just working out how best to set it up.

  2. Looks good Stu.
    A cleaner shop is a safer shop.

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