Ashes to Ashes

but more importantly, (saw) Dust to (saw) Dust.

The original Entertainment Unit I built a fair number of years ago, arising from a pile of sawdust generated in the workshop to serve a useful role in the home has returned to the dustpile from whence it came.

It is, like so many other things, obsolete.  Not because it has dated itself, but because of the equipment it was built to house is making its way in droves to kerbsides everywhere – CRT TV screens are like so many other items – destined to receive the gift of oblivion.  (A little Maurice Gee reference there).

Originally designed to hold up to about a 65cm TV (never thought bigger than that would be affordable, and well before plasmas (etc) were in consideration.  If you wanted a really big screen, it was rear projection or projector back then.

But as time and technology march on at the snail’s pace of a Formula One car, it was time for its retirement.

The side units are still in use – with the glass display units full of knick-knacks etc.

So looking back at the unit, still during its construction, in the old shed, with the old Triton Workcentre, the GMC lathe in the background and well before Stu’s Shed was a twinkling in the keyboard’s eye.

During Construction

However, it is not all bad – the cabinet in its completed form is back in the shed, and is destined to become a tool storage.  I haven’t decided on a final location – just hate the idea of letting it go to waste.  It will sit in my way out there until inspiration strikes.

Minor Service Interruption

There is an essential maintenance period between 4am and 6am on the 25th November (AEST), which may result in not accessing this site for about an hour or so.

The site will still be operating as normal, so if you are dying to have a look and it happens to be in that window, you can still access it through

Told you it was minor!!

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