Kerfmaker – First Use

Got to give the Kerfmaker a very quick run, and it was as simple as it was impressive.  In only a couple of minutes, I had set the Kerfmaker accurately to the kerf of the blade, and then had intersected two pieces of timber at 90 degrees, with a friction fit that was perfect – neither too tight or loose.

I’m looking forward to more of an opportunity to test just how the Kerfmaker can improve various job setups.  One thing that came through loud and clear is it is a perfect complement to the Incra, especially the Miter 1000 and the Flip Stop.  The repeatability of the Incra is obviously a real asset, and the Kerfmaker ensuring the final settings are precisely set to the kerf of the blade takes it to another level again.

The Kerfmaker is getting promoted, and I will now add it to the short collection of what I term “Apron Tools” – those that should reside in your shop apron, along with the Wixey Digital Angle Gauge, and the Incra Guaranteed Square.

Based on even this first-run test, I would be very interested in giving the Tenonmaker a run – the accuracy would be impressive!  Just not sure if I could justify the price for just that one task.  Given it is a glorified Kerfmaker with a few ‘stickie-outie’ bits, wonder if the KM1 could be used in that way?

Fun tools, good times.

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