Will it Float?

On the Late Show with David Letterman, they have a sequence called “Will it Float?” when different items are predicted whether they will be buoyant.  They also had one called “Will it Blend?” which is pure gratuitous destruction (excellent 🙂 )

So in that spirit, woodworkers often seem to play the game “Is it Woodworking?”  I’m not passing judgment on any of the possible contenders, and I seem to be well on the side of the coin of accepting a very loose definition, this will clash with the more purist woodworker.

It is an ages-old discussion, and no doubt has played out many times as new methods have become available.  Perhaps the question is more “Is it still Woodworking?” (and the capital is deliberate – anything that works wood is woodworking, but Woodworking is something else, something more, something…)

Did the introduction of the tablesaw evoke the question?  What about the router?  CNC machine? Dovetail jig? Circular saw?

Saw the lathe copy attachment from Woodfast Machinery on their website and two things immediately crossed my mind. 1: that I could be very interested in trying it out, and 2: that there would be a certain number of readers who would definitely, and vigorously declare that it wasn’t “Woodworking”

So whether you classify it as “woodworking” or “Woodworking”, this looks an interesting proposition!

Where do you draw the line?

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