The weekend ended without the desired finish – having all the furniture built, installed, and the final collection of hard rubbish out on the naturestrip.

(Speaking of which – heard a new term this year to describe the kerbside crawlers (not in reference to kerb crawlers however!) – those who tunnel through the offerings left out for the hard rubbish collection: “Kerb Burglars” No idea how common the term is, nor how I’ve not heard it before, but it is so fitting!)

But I got a pretty long way there.  House still looks like a bombsite….in a cardboard factory!  My daughter’s room now has new drawer units (the final impetus for the latest set of modifications and additions – her old hand-me-down units finally failed (cheap drawer sliders), and when I priced new ones from (cough) Bunnings, it would have cost 50% of a new unit, so my motivation to repair rather than replace went right out the window.)  There is a DVD case in one corner, and this – a new 5 module bookcase.

Still plenty of sorting and moving to go to decommission the old bookcase, but I’m completely spent.  The centre module has glass doors, and a top section with glass shelves and a built-in light just to break up the otherwise (literal) wall of books.  Not sure if it will stay like this, or if extra glass (or solid) doors will be added to the other 4 modules – have to see what it looks like when it is all finished.

A gathering of all the woodworking books is happening, but other than those, all my non-fiction are stored elsewhere (would fill a couple of these units with that lot!)

So, IKEA – form follows function, but in this case I needed the function of a significant bookcase more than I needed something that would take me forever to build that would also look the part.

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