Tactile Tools

If you can’t put a good book down, then what is it with a tool that you can’t do the same?

Had a tool arrive today that falls right in that category.  Given the size of the courier box it came in (FedEx), you could be excused for wondering if it was empty.  When you get the tool out of the box (it was in there), you could then be excused for hardly noticing it in the hand. Not because of it’s lack of weight – it actually is nicely weighted for its size, but for its overall size for one, and how smooth and well machined it is.

Looking at it, you wonder just why it is such a recent addition (comparatively) to the market – the concept is so simple.  As much as the machining is precise, and the finish immaculate, what you are really paying for is not the physical tool as much as the concept, and function.

I’d be very keen to see this tool machined in a limited run from stainless steel or similar – the significant heft vs size would be stunning.

When I have more chance, I’ll take some photos of my own, but right now I’m too busy playing with the Kerfmaker!

Mine is slightly different to the one pictured – it doesn’t have the slot in the grey area on top, and instead that surface is ?printed? ?lasercut? with the Bridge City Tool Works logo, and is listed as being one of the signature series.

I still can’t get over its size – tools are not meant to be cute, but this one gets away with it very well!

Looking forward to seeing what it can do in the workshop!

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