Flai Router Bits

After experiencing what the Flai blades can achieve particularly with respect to finish, and therefore the quality and sharpness of the carbide I was rather interested to see what their router bits could achieve, and I wasn’t disappointed.

They don’t have a particularly large range of profiles sadly, but what they have does work particularly well.

Flai Router Bit

The carbide has quite a leading (shear) angle, so it is slicing rather than just chipping, and that will have some bearing on the result. In addition, the relief angle (back of the carbide) is also pronounced, producing a sharper leading edge. It is a variable-profile grind (at least that is what I’m calling it), where the relief grind is not just at a flat angle off the back of the carbide, but instead changes direction to match the profile, keeping the resulting angle consistent as the profile direction changes.

The shaft has been lasered, including the brand, and also the maximum router speed. (In this case, 18000 RPM)


Running the bit through a typical Australian Hardwood – Jarrah, and the result is shiny without tearout – a “Real Smooth Shave” (noone ever seems to get my movie references, or that there are movie references that get included in some articles, so here’s a hint!!)

The Flai bits have a “FlaiArmor” coating which is an excellent friction reducer, is anti-adherent, diffuses and disperses heat, and is stable in water and solvents.

Imported into Australia by Promac, and available through supplies such as Carrolls Woodcraft Supplies

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