Berwick Woodworkers

Took an opportunity to visit Berwick Woodworkers at the old Cheese Factory, and admire their permanent clubrooms and workshops (including the new 2x shipping containers – one full of toys ready for Xmas distribution, and the other full of timber ready to be turned in the the aforementioned toys!

I dragged along a Router Master to give them a bit of a look at what these machines are capable of – particularly suited to toy makers (and the Torque Workcentre even more so).

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Back to the club workshop, and they have an excellent range of tools, and even better, dedicated working areas.  There was the finishing shop, a lathe workshop (with a few other tools still in there as well), a cutting room (with bandsaws and tablesaw), a painting room (complete with Hills Hoist clothesline for hanging components to dry), and as mentioned a wood store and toy store.

Behind one nondescript door was a massive 3 phase dust extractor, with finger bags and this was coupled up to the three lathes (it is in the process of being relocated).  I was wondering if you needed to actually do any turning with such an extractor – it will almost suck the wood off the lathe without human intervention!

The last couple of photos is a table made from a stunning piece of black-hearted sassafras.

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  1. Would love to find a manufacturer of the old fashioned toy wooden sailing boats. I don’t mean ‘hobby’ type remote controI kit thing’s, just kids toy boats. have searched in the past…

    I did have an old one from when my eldest son was very young – we had a great time. I found it again a few years ago when my grandson’s were very young. On several occasions during family gatherings I’d just set it sailing in the pool without any comment – you’d be surprised how many grown men would change the rudder and set it off again when it got stuck against the edge – without comment.

    Just think how many dad’s and grandad’s have swimming pools, son’s and grandson’s, but no toy boats to play with…

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