The Rabbit of Caerbannog

Otherwise known as “The Grand Rabbet” (Probably better known as the “Legendary Black Beast of Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh”, but that is another matter).

Grand Rabbet

The kit from CMT (sold in Oz by Carbatec) consists of a 2″ rebate bit, and 16 different sized sleeves to produce a wide range of rebates, with a final sleeve with a matching diameter to the bit itself, turning it into a giant pattern copying bit. There is also a packet of spares for the actual double bearings, spacer sleeve, washer and hex bolt that are used as part of the assembly.


Working from left to right, you have the 2″ rebate bit (which is obviously of significant size!!), heavy chunk of carbide on each flute and a decent shear angle as well, so the bit creates a slicing action rather than a straight chipping one (producing a better finish/less tearout).  The first bearing is then added, along with the spacer sleeve (this fits in between the two bearings, and sits in the middle of the rebate sleeve).  You then have one of the range of rebate sleeves to choose, depending on the size rebate required.  A second bearing fits in the top recess of the rebate sleeve producing a very smoothly operating product.  The is capped off with the washer and hex bolt to lock everything onto the router bit.

Rebate Set

One of many different setups, this one produces a rebate (rabbet 😉 ) that is 2″ – 1 3/8″ = 5/8″ / 2 = 5/16″

Or if you prefer, 50.8mm – 34.92mm = 15.88mm / 2 = 7.94mm

You need to divide the answer by 2 to get the final rebate depth.

17 different rebate variations, plus the flush trim in the kit as provided.

So in the immortal words of Tim, the enchanter, I give to you “Well, that’s no ordinary rabbit.” The Grand Rabbet from CMT.

Tim, the Enchanter

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