Wax On, Wax Off

When it comes to finishing, I’m all in favour of anything that can make that job go faster, better (sounds like the byline for the 6 million dollar man). If you choose to work with anything better than MDF and crapiata, and you don’t invest in producing a decent finish, you’ve wasted good money, or good timber, or both.

Now I certainly would prefer to waste as little time making something decent out of rubbish, but I enjoy making things a lot more than finishing them – I just like getting to the decent end result. So getting a chance to try out a new finishing pad from Professional Woodworkers Supplies was of definite interest. The new finishing pad is the SurBuf and is claiming to give a better finish than a hand rubbed one.

The jury is still out on that, but it is certainly easier than a hand rubbed one!


The pad is well cushioned and attaches to an orbital sander (or ROS in this case) via ‘hook and loop’. Given how new the pad is, and how new my ROS is, it was rather difficult to remove the pad after I finished!

A first pass

I tried applying both a wood oil and a wax, and the pad appeared to work well for both – certainly the amount of elbow grease used was non-existent, especially with the very well balanced Festool ETA150! When so little effort is used, and electrons screaming to their death is the only real noise, I could find myself polishing all the way to a decent finish, rather than rushing the process.


The box comes with two pads, so you can dedicate each to a different finish type without risking cross-contamination.

Check with Professional Woodworkers Supplies about cost and availability.

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