Chainsaw Prototype

Failed to take a photo of this at the woodshow, so here to amaze you even further about how versatile the Torque Workcentre is becoming, is… the slabbing (or chainsaw) attachment!

Couple of points:

First, you wouldn’t actually leave the original carriage on the arm when using the slabbing attachment.  This was only a mockup for the photo so you could at least see the prototype (which is still undergoing refinements).  For one, there still needs to be an oil lubrication feed to the chain, and a shield for the bar end.

And second, this is a pretty crappy chainsaw for this job – you’d want one that had a larger bar, and one that wasn’t fluro-green and purple!

One of the real benefits of dealing with Australian companies – they are very responsive to the needs and desires of their customers.  I suggested copying the standard slabbing arrangements, which paralleled some thoughts they already had (apparently 😉 ) No matter who gets to claim credit, it will be excellent when the jig moves from prototype to production!  And just as an aside, Torque Workcentres are (as far as I am lead to believe) about to have a 20 year warranty included!

Wonder if there is a decent electric chainsaw with a large bar?  Not sure if any electric will have enough power to cut the mustard – any experiences appreciated!
A quick look found Stihl MSE 220 C 400mm, Husqvarna 321 EL (16″), and Makita 400mm Chainsaw.
There is a small range in price: $940, $xxx????, $150

Makita isn’t a bad brand name…hmmm price range!

4 Responses

  1. OMG That looks scary! Planning a remake of the texas chainsaw murders

    • Like using a circular saw, I’d see a significant improvement on safety in having the tool locked to such a large platform than used freehand.

      There are a number of slabbing jigs out there a lot more rudimentary than this that work well, and safely. Imagine a 20″ bar chainsaw on this!

      I still get your point though. Hmm – the latest horror movie accessory (Hostel III, The Hills Have Eyes III, Saw VI) or perhaps for 007’s latest nemesis (“Time to be a little thinner Bond (insert manic laughter)”)

  2. Im wondering, wouldnt a chainsaw waste?remove? too much material ? How about modifying a small benchtop band saw and mounting it to the arm…

    • And there you are spot on, that is a Torque accessory currently in development. There are situations where a chainsaw is ideal, but as you pointed out there is a lot of material wasted in the kerf.

      There are a number of mills out there that use chainsaws for harvesting timber and for slabbing. The yield would be significantly higher if they did use a bandsaw mounted rather than chainsaw. There are some mills that do just that too!

      Coming to a Torque near you 🙂

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