Chinese Manufacture

It is hard to keep straight in my own mind opinions of overseas manufacture, especially from new centres of world manufacturing such as India and China.

On one hand, so many products sold are in the cheapest shops (and not so cheap but should be) come from China, and this significantly tarnishes the country’s manufacturing.  On the other hand, a country’s manufacturing that can produce products such as the iPhone has the proven ability to hit the highest marks.

So why do they tarnish their reputation to produce goods at the highest level, with so much produced at the lowest?

So yes, I do have a bias, and when I read this article by John of Bridge City Tools I was inclined to believe it, but don’t let my opinion bias whether you feel the story is also credible.  If the article is true, and unbiased, then it again reflects sadly on the quality of products produced by some Chinese industries.

And just because it is mildly interesting, there is hardly a day that goes by that I am not contacted by a Chinese manufacturing company offering to produce for me all manner of products – wire, nails, bearings, castings, plastic extrusions etc etc.  Again, perhaps this also negatively influences my opinion of their manufacturing industry.  I hate spammers, so a manufacturing industry that uses spamming as a legitimate marketing tool is only going to receive my contempt.

Guess Stu’s Shed is about to be banned in a certain country.  Think I can afford to drop 1.3 billion of the world’s population from being shed readers – and the 3 from there that actually read this site.

2 Responses

  1. There is another way to view what I’ve just read. Firstly, it’s Australian sellers who buy from China, product whose shelf life is designed to fail with minor usage.
    Secondly, there are some Australian sellers who have their products designed and specifically manufactured in China and some of those items last but only with moderate usage.
    Thirdly, there are highly successful companies who ensure that their product is manufactured to their high standards. All of the above is driven by requirements by Australian sellers but also by highly successful international companies such as Apple.

    It’s not necessarily advantageous or correct to point the finger at countries that have manufacturing facilities but at the sellers who trade in poorly made, trashy items.

    No one hold a gun to the head of an importer and say “buy this or else”. Like all retail customers, we choose to buy according to our needs and pocket and no one forces us either.

    But why look to China or India, look right at some Australian manufactured equipment that is badly made and assembled by people who pass themselves as engineers and attempt to downplay complaints and tell buyers that they are wrong complaining or don’t know what they are talking about. However, worse still, is the person who has sold his soul to such a manufacturer.

    So, don’t worry about the distant shores of India, China or Vietnam, be concerned about what is being served up in Australia and supported by squeaky clean looking people right under our very noses.

  2. Q. Where would you go if you wanted the cheapest manufactured goods?

    A. I’d go to China, amongst the countries with good manufacturing facilities, there costs are lowest.

    Q. Does this means China’s manufactures are all rubbish?

    A. No. The fact that they can launch satellites for tout le monde et son chien tells me that they can make some pretty good kit

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