Woodshow Stand

Some more photos from the Stu’s Shed / Torque Workcentre stand at the wood show in Melbourne

Still no photo of the chainsaw mount (it is coming, and will be here before Christmas!), but a shot of the cool 12″ Hitachi drop saw mounted on the TWC on a purpose-designed tool mount.

6 Responses

  1. hi stuart do you have a video of the hitachi drop saw in action on the twc, looks very handy like all of the twc applications

  2. Good to meet you guys at the show. The work centers are very impressive. Keep up the good work.

    • Same – you had an interesting demo happening there. Didn’t have enough time to get any video footage, but it would be interesting to show more of what you were doing.

      Pity they are out of my budget – be a cool thing to play with!

  3. Hi really enjoyed reading your article and was wondering How can I move a 10 x 10 wood shed from one side of my house to the other? It is about 150 ft in distance?

    • Hmmm – definitely explosives, or better yet, neoprene bungee. After all the purpose of your post is to promote your wetsuit selling business isn’t it? Not how to move a shed. A shed firing bungee would certainly achieve both.

      If this was actually a real question, why would you provide links to a self-promoting wetsuit selling business?

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