Xmas in October

Have my olds visiting from NZ, and we decided to have a bit of a quick Xmas day while they were here, rather than the norm phone version on the day (we’d do it by Skype or something, but NZ no longer has a telecommunication network worth talking about- Australia may be bad, and needing the sort of upgrade that the NBN is promising, but NZ is second rate compared to that by the sounds.) So a nice way to deal with the distance 🙂

Since Dad is now a new tablesaw owner, I gave him a once over on operating a tablesaw safely- ripping & crosscutting, blade selection, featherboards.

Hope he has enough baggage allowance! He now has a Wixey Digital Angle Gauge, 4 ” dust extractor, couple of cheap blades (looking to get him a Flai U) and a new MagSwitch Pro Featherboard and Vertical Attachment (one of the new kits which includes the risers).

Once you start looking at what I’ve actually got, I might be tightly packed in, but I still have a pretty excellent setup out there! It also just shows just how much I have picked up about woodworking over the last 10 years.

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