SSYTC036 SlabMaster

Short video of the SlabMaster in action (another brainchild of the inventor/engineer behind the Torque Workcentre and Router Master).  In these shots it is running a specialised cutter (also manufactured by Yas Engineering (and in all fairness, these are engineers, not web authors – the machine is much more impressive than their website demonstrates!), but it can also have a sanding disk fitted.  The size of the cutter is quite impressive – not something your average router could hope to run, let alone fit (about a 40mm shaft by the look).  The depth of cut used each pass was rather aggressive (testing by a new owner) but the machine didn’t care – 10mm deep, about 80mm rebate in a cut, so an amazing amount of material being turned to dust in each pass.

Hmm – perhaps I should put one in my backyard and really demonstrate what it can do!  All it needs is a slabbing capability, and we would be rockin’!


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