Been at the Showgrounds for the day getting the Torque Workcentre/Stu’s Shed stand set up.  There are 4 workcentres on the stand this time – a Router Master (with probably the drill attachment mounted), 2.5m machine with a selection of tools, 3m machine with the prototype of the chainsaw attachment (and my little chainsaw – it’s too small to be used with the current mount, but there to at least demonstrate the concept), and another 3m machine with a double head.  One I will be using primarily with a router, and the other has the Hitachi 12″ saw mounted (it has a serious, dedicated mount to fit it to the machine), and I thought the chainsaw attachment would be the coolest thing, but I think the 12″ on its special mount has to take the cake – it is an awesome thing!  I’ll take some footage (photo & possibly video) over the weekend, but at the moment, this is the stand as it was when I had to head off today.

Setup in progress

As you come into the place, you will see the banner hanging in the distance, but don’t forget to check it out!  If you are interested in buying a machine at the show, don’t be shy in making known you are a Stu’s Shed reader and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Overall, the show looks good – better than last year (which wasn’t a bad year in itself), and there are quite a few new products worth checking out.

The DBS-22 is being demonstrated on the Carrolls stand, the MagFence combo kit is heavily discounted this year on the Maxis stand (around the $150 mark, which is about 25% off).  This will be one of the very last chances to get the combo pack – for some strange reason, MagSwitch have decided to discontinue it, and sell the items individually.  (Apparently it sells well in Oz, but not in the US – personally, if any store has trouble selling this kit, they are not working hard enough!) They have good discounts on MagSwitch featherboards too.

Addictive Pens has a number of their snake pen blanks, but not enough to last the entire show (they are too popular to be able to keep enough stock in apparently).  This year I decided not to miss out, so already have the one I want set aside (think it is Cobra, but will double check – I chose based on look, rather than species).

The stand next to ours has lots of timber, and some large, very good looking slabs of Camphor Laurel crotch for only $50.  I keep looking over at it, wonder what I might be able to make out of it to justify grabbing one.

Didn’t have a chance to look around much more than that so far – there’s time, plenty to look at, drool over, and perhaps acquire 🙂

It all kicks off tomorrow – can’t wait!

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