And the show arrives already

No idea how it crept up on me so fast. Well, not so much crept as hid in the bushes and leapt out in front of me.

Comes from being significantly busy at work, I haven’t had a chance to even think about the weekend.  Loaded up the car tonight to take to the Showgrounds tomorrow to begin setting up the Stu’s Shed / Torque Workcentre stand.

Trying to think through all the activities planned for the weekend, hoping nothing got left out.  Created a DVD from a number of my Torque videos for visitors to the Torque who are particularly interested/seriously considering one for their workshop.

Speaking of seriously considering the TWC, those who come to the wood show in Melbourne this weekend will get to see the latest tool mount prototype for the Torque.

You know of the Lucas Mill, and the chainsaw slabbing mill, well imagine one attached to the TWC!  Your chainsaw is carried at a consistent height, and does not require the mill to be resting or even referencing off the log.  Slabbing Rail Bracket sounds a reasonable name for it! It is going to be SO COOL!  And the one machine just became so much more.

On the one tool, you will be able to take an actual log, slab it, surface it, sand it, drill, rip, crosscut, shape, carve, and…..well I’m running out of verbs faster than I am running out of ideas for what can be achieved.  Come along, and have a serious look.

The show starts Friday.  Photos will be on here for those who can’t get to it.

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