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  1. My brother inlaw came over on sunday during the race!!!!! wanted some merbau slats cut and drilled for a bench seat cut them to length on the kapex then drilled and countersunk on the twc for repeatability and ease of use you just cant beat it 12 slats cut and drilled in 10 minutes didnt miss much of the race but ford still lost oh well theres always next year

    • The cheek! At least it didn’t interrupt the Grand Prix, or Moto GP 🙂 That is a brother-in-law looking to become an ex-brother-in-law (unless he bought beers to compensate!)

  2. Stu, Seems like the TWC could be good at doing stair stringers. The TWC arm could be set at the appropriate angle and the whole unit slid along to do the stringer mortises. Is there an easy way to rout a wider mortise (say the width of a stair tread)?

    • The TWC is perfect for stair stringers. You can either set stops to control the width of the slot cut (which would be the best method) or run a router bit with a cutter the width required.

      If doing a through-stringer, you could also use a circular saw for the sides of the mortise, then just use a router to clean out the centre.

  3. Hi Stu. Maybe I missed something but how do you ensure the workpiece is square to the torque arm/router?

    • Hi Carl,

      When the machine is first set up, care is taken to ensure the arm is perpendicular to the X axis (the length of the workbench). The fence at the back is then set parallel to the X axis.

      The final piece of the jigsaw puzzle is when I drilled the holes for the Walko, it was done with a drill mounted to the TWC, so those holes are then also parallel to the X axis and therefore perpendicular to the arm (or Y axis). Any workpiece that is then placed on the table and is hard up against either the fence, or a row of Walko clamps is then also square to the arm.

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