Another Christmas, Another Commission

Once again (and this isn’t a complaint btw!), a Christmas approaches and I have an order for anther toy kitchen.  Well two actually, if you count one for my daughter (she doesn’t read my blog (yet) 😉 )

Making one ever 1 – 2 years is an interesting exercise, as you get a chance to incorporate the new techniques you’ve learned, new tools acquired, and the skills that have (hopefully) improved.  Not to mention a chance to improve on previous designs, and still come up with a new toy based around the same concept (in this case, a toy kitchen) that isn’t a clone of a previous one.

The first one had a pretty simple request – a sink and stove set.  Last year’s one had a more precise brief for 3 units, including stove, sink and fridge.  This year’s, it is for a small unit that has both sink and stove in the one unit which will present some new challenges.

Although I can’t put the 3 creations alongside each other when they are done, it will still be interesting to compare the three photos to see how the approach changes over time.  Hopefully I will have time to make this year’s one even better than before, but like always, time is not a commodity I have in abundant supply.

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