Too Cool Tools

The new season of Cool Tools is about to air in the US, and in Australia we seem to be again an entire season behind the USA.  Starting next Wednesday on OZ Foxtel How To Channel, is episode 510 (apparently).

The US are about commence seasons 6 and 7 (601-613 and 701 – 707)

I don’t know the episode number for the one featuring Stu’s Shed (and the Torque Workcentre), but it will be airing in the US on either the 25th or 26th (or both) of November.  When that will be in Australia is anyone’s guess.  Foxtel certainly were not able to tell me.  At least once it airs in the US, they will be sending me the DVD of the episode (and the video may end up on their website long before it makes the Australian market!)


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