Latest HD Videos Online

If you have been impatiently waiting for them, the last 3 videos have now been updated with high definition (1280×720) versions.

Episodes 74 – 76 fwiw.

Just looking at the video stats – the average day sees 500 Stu’s Shed videos viewed, with peaks reaching 1200 views in a single day (and that isn’t web surfers happening upon a website, that is actual views of the videos themselves).  Imagine if I advertised Stu’s Shed more aggressively. Imagine if I actually got paid to run this website!  Sorry – just dreaming of alternate realities.

2 Responses

  1. Maybe you don’t get paid to run your website, but you do get paid to promote the tools that you demonstrate, do you not?

    • Not even then – I do tend to get to keep the tool irrespective of the review, so that is some compensation obviously, but if I then sold the tools to realise some of their value in dollar terms, it would not come close to replacing or even significantly supplementing my normal income. In any respect, it reflects an hourly rate of what I put into this website of somewhere in the ballpark of $1/hr or so.

      The only time I actually get paid is articles I write for woodworking magazines (and those articles don’t get to appear on this site, at least for a year or two if at all), and when I work at wood shows, when I am there as a paid demonstrator, both of which I was doing well before this website came into existence.

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