A Real Market

I was up Gisborne-way over the weekend, one of those weddings that tried to miss the AFL Grand Final, and was caught out by the once-in-33 year draw the weekend prior (congratulations to Murray and Emma btw).  We chose to stay overnight, rather than drive back late and in the morning had breakfast in the township.

There was quite a market running in the town, so took a wander through, and found it to be an unusual one, in that it was full of excellent crafts, products, produce, and no Chinese crap to be found – that which has become the norm of many markets around Melbourne.  So a real market for once, and one really worth a bit of a trip to see.  If I wanted cheap Chinese junk, I’d visit a $2 shop……or Bunnings.

There were plenty of woodworkers selling their wares, and some quality looking products too – well finished, and not just mass-produced crapiata items either (if it was pine, it was at least finished properly).

So a really enjoyable impromptu market visit, and one that really showed off the local region well.

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