I never visit Carbatec……do I?

In an email sent out to subscribers to their email list today, advising people of their 10% off for 6 day sale at the Melbourne store (that was a bit of a mouthful), I noticed the image used at the bottom that adds a bit of colour to the email.


The bloke in the middle looking at the catalogue, in Carbatec (management) colours is Tony Forbes. Immediately to the left in the image is a vaguely familiar person (and no, it wasn’t a staged photo either). Undoubtedly, this was shot at the Brisbane Working with Wood show earlier this year.

Another point from the email: Carbatec Melbourne now have a late night: open until 9pm on Thursdays, from now until Christmas. If there is enough demand, this trial will continue next year, so definitely make use of it – having a late night is an excellent addition to their opening lineup!

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