Christmas in October – the Wood Show approaches

I’m starting to build my shopping list for the upcoming Melbourne Wood Show, and in my preparatory travels, I typically check out Carroll’s and found some interesting new products they have that will be of interest to others going to the show.

For one, they are stocking the Tormek T7 (where I got mine from), and they are a supplier of Flai blades (check out my videos of the Mustang and Ultimate blades – they are exceptional!)  They have the Tormek Drill Bit Sharpener (DBS-22)(and will no doubt be demonstrating it – check it out and see why I like it so much!)

Tormek DBS22

They have a new Professional Pen Starter kit that looks like an excellent idea.  I already have what I need there, but will definitely be stocking up on pen kits – I am in very short supply, and they make excellent Christmas presents (and I always like having a few nice ones for my personal use as well).

Professional Pen Starter Kit

Carroll’s have quite a lot of the products I have been talking about over the years – the Top Saver and Blade Saver systems (for cleaning and protecting your tools), Quicky tape measures, Wixey, Microclene, Lidwig, the list goes on and on.  Jim and Irene always have a very comprehensive stand.

I’m seriously considering the Easy Riser conversion kit for my drill press too – will be checking that out too, and I am definitely having a very close look at the Beall Pen Wizard – been tempted by one of those for ages!

Beall Pen Wizard

Stu’s Shed will be at the show, in conjunction with Torque Workcentres, so don’t forget to drop in and check out what I have been spending quite a bit of time talking about recently – the machine has so much unrealised potential, and the more owners there are sharing their discoveries of what we can do with it, the more invaluable the Torque Workcentre will become!

Torque Workcentre

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