Veritas Knows Us!

Having a look at the cover of the instruction manual of my new Veritas Twin-Screw Vice, and was amused to read the “important note”- Veritas knows its customer base rather well.

“If you are the kind of person who only looks at instruction sheets after something goes wrong, this is one product where you should mend your ways. If you ignore these instructions, we can almost guarantee trouble.

Please try to save all your innovative design urges until after you have installed the vice. As a bare minimum, at least read through the instructions before you start being creative.

The two easiest ways to screw up are:

By drilling holes in the wrong place and at an angle.

By using warped wood with the intention of straightening it out with bolts, screws and brute force later.

It isn’t a lot of fun to follow instructions exactly but this is one time when it will save you a lot of grief.”

See what I mean?!!

3 Responses

  1. Never really understood the reluctance to at least glance at the instructions for new equipment. Some engineer took the time to write them, doesn’t seem like too much of an investment of time to better understand the design intent.

    Then again, I write work instructions for a living…maybe it’s just me.

  2. As the old saying goes “when all else fails read the instructions”

    Been caught out many times but old habits die hard

  3. Anyone who tries to follow the instructions in the manual provided with the Carbatec TSC-10HB Cabinet Saw will quickly become frustrated. Some engineer may have written them, but he/she was not very literate. Fortunately the Grizzly site provides an appropriate manual which is both understandable and accurate.

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