Revitalising the Wood Storage

As part of the shed cleanup, the piles of wood were becoming difficult to get around, so a big part of the cleanup was dealing with it. The first wood rack changed very little… (photos bit blurry sorry – phone camera)

Primary Store, layered by timber

And the first of two smaller racks was put back on the wall (moving the air hose back into the corner).

Small goods store - Jarrah, Walnut, Camphor, Mahogany etc

US flag from my Cool Tools trip in the corner there – someone had a go at me about having it last time it was seen.  Apparently (at least according to one person) flying the US flag in Oz is almost as bad as doing so in certain middle-east countries.  I don’t have any political agenda – it is a memento from a trip to that country for a (Pay) TV Show episode that will soon be going to air.  But do I really need to explain myself?  My shed, my rules.

Secondary Storage

There was still a significant amount to house, much resulting from last weekend, so the lack of spare wallspace meant I had to consider other options, and that meant a wood rack had to go back into the lower shed.

Guess I should just make a few more things to keep the wood stocks at manageable levels 🙂

Not even sure if the Triton Wood racks are even still on the market.  Not bad for such a simple product, and they unassumingly get the job done.

3 Responses

  1. I live in Tennessee, and love to see the USA flag in your shed. But hey, there are OZ and NZ flags in the office here, and I enjoy seeing them as well. Like you, they bring up great memories of times, and a question from a visitor or two.

    I did a quick search and the Triton wood racks are available on-line several places.

  2. Stu.
    If at any time you find you don`t have enough room for your timber, tools etc. I would be willing to take it away for you without any charge.

  3. I’ve been inspired to build some wood rack like Dan (from Dan’s Wooshop) But as always need more time, space, and money. Great to see the shed coming along stu.

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