Spring Clean

Been Spring Cleaning the shed, and funnily enough, it is actually Spring.  Having the recommissioned dust system has been a big influence on this, and has been very beneficial.  The combination of the Carbatec dust ducting kit, the Rockler blast gate mounts, and the flexible concertina hose from Carbatec has made for a system that is very suited to shed cleanup.  It has also been working well for the bandsaw and tablesaw – it will be interesting to see how it works when I try some jointing and planing (the most sawdust intensive operations).

It has included a significant sort out of the wood stores in the shed, and a bit of a realisation that there is quite a bit of value in timber out there.

I’m also realising that it is time for the Jet 14″ bandsaw to be relocated to the other (storage) shed, as I don’t have the space to justify 2 bandsaws in the main shop.  That is one step off disposal, so it is a big move.  There isn’t enough room in the lower shed for it to fit yet, so it is time for a shed (eBay) cleanout.  I’ve already started a small pile of items to include:

Triton Cordless Drill
Triton 8″ Bandsaw
Triton Wetstone Sharpener
Triton 185mm Circular Saw
(there is a bit of a theme happening here)
10″ SCMS (double bevel w dual laser)
Air Compressor

Unfortunately there is not enough in that collection to substitute it all for what I’d actually like to replace it with (yet) – a Festool Kapex 120 from Ideal Tools.

Festool Kapex 120

Might be able to get a Tradie-O in the meantime 😉


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