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  1. Hi Stu,

    I heard about this over at the forum. Looks like the goods. Do you know whether it will be compatible with the Triton/Scheppach 2000 like many of the Tormek jigs?



    • Haven’t looked too closely at it from that perspective, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t fit. The power of the motor and grade of the wheel may be detrimental (the T7 just doesn’t stall – I’ve tried!).

      Seeing if it will fit may be the last thing I do with a Triton sharpener – planning on selling some more stuff very shortly, including the Triton grinder, Triton 184mm circular saw, Triton 6″ bandsaw.

  2. was looking to buy a drill doctor if this is comparable in price will go for this

    • Drill Doctors range from $217 for the cheapest to $378 for the middle model to $479 for the most expensive.

      The Tormek DBS22 is RRP $395 (give or take a dollar or two)

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